VOJVODINA AGRAR doo was found in 2005. Main goals of association are:

  • To achieve better conditions, lower prices of all necessary inputs for agriculture trough common purchasing of goods;
  • To achieve better market position and increase competitiveness of members;
  • To become a reliable partner for negotiations with authorities;
  • To implement all necessary standards in agricultural production;
  • To increase quantities, yields and quality of products;
  • To preserve the environment;
  • To improve situation (economic, cultural, environmental etc.) in rural areas;
  • Permanent education of members.

Vojvodina Agrar doo have 24 members (of which 22 active). Members of the association are agricultural companies and cooperatives. Companies and cooperatives, members of the association, cooperate with more than 25000 farmers. Members of the association organize production of field and vegetable crops on more than 150000ha (approximately 10% of total arable land in Autonomous Province of Vojvodina).

Members of the association supply farmers with all necessary inputs, provide them extension services, insurance, provide monitoring of their crops and buy products from them, also provide farmers with possibility to store their products in more than 150000t of storage facilities. Yearly turnover of all members is more than 200 million of euro.

All members are seated in Autonomous Province of Vojvodina…region with very good soil and climate conditions for agricultural production. Main products are: corn, wheat, soya, sunflower, sugar beet, rape seed and some of members provide necessary services to vegetable producers.

Production of soya is one of the most important acctivities of the association. In Autonomous Province of Vojvodina we have good conditions for soya production. Adequate soil (mostly varieatas of chernozem), adequate climate factors and more than 30 years of tradition in production. Also we have good domestic NON-GMO varieats of soya with high genetic potential for high yealds (Institute for feald and vegetable crops in novi Sad). Production of soya has important part in crop rotation on farms. Through association we provide extension service and monitoring over the soya been production.

The association has very good relations with soya been processing industry such as: Victoria Logistic doo, Dijamant AD, Invej and also with big exporting companies.